are Julian Maria and Mark Koeck. We started with a 35 seat café and 8 employees at Boston’s Rowes Wharf with a simple mission: to make excellent food in a casual atmosphere. We always had a dream of reaching out to a diverse customer base, so when we had the opportunity, we jumped at the chance to move into a full service, family style restaurant on the South End’s edge.

Our mission to make excellent food in a casual setting is as strong as ever. We strive to reach out to the richness of our South End, Roxbury and Boston Medical Center neighbors. We love our neighborhood’s African American vibe, Latin beats, Caribbean charm, Gay sensibility and New England values. This is reflected in our food and fun.

There is no better way to show our diversity than the music. Don’t be surprised if you hear smoky jazz from Etta James, Motown pop, Dominican Bachata, Latin Salsa, Reggaeton or House Music all on the same day. Whether a live R&B night, or a Sunday afternoon Tea Dance, you can get a taste of the entire neighborhood.

In addition to comfort food like Certified Angus Hamburgers or Mac and Cheese, you’ll find a number of dishes that are influenced from both our backgrounds and the neighborhood. With Julian growing up on the island nation of Seychelles, you get a sense for his homeland through the aromatic spices used on his trademark seafood dishes. Mark on the other hand, loves recipes that reflect our neighborhood, whether it be the perfect Buffalo Wings or New England Stuffed Cod.

In addition to Rudi’s Resto Café, we have evolved into a 35 employee hospitality company including Rudi’s Catering for on site events, as well as corporate and personal catering. Most recently we opened Verve Lounge (www.verveboston.com) for live entertainment, dancing and private parties.

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Julian and Mark

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