Whether it is our Catering Menu or our Daily Specials Menu you can be sure there is something for everyone. Where else but Rudiís can someone get one of the best French Vegetarian sandwiches in town and at the same time find one of the most tender beef briskets served in Boston?

Need fancy petit fours, Champagne and a bartender, we do that too.

Daily Specials

We donít eat the same thing every day and neither should you. No matter what day of the week, youíll always find something fresh, new and inspired on our Daily Specials page.

Catering Menus:

Whether youíre selecting an old fashioned bacon and eggs breakfast, a sandwich platter for 10 colleagues or a champagne reception for 150, Rudiís has you covered. If you donít see something on our catering menus, just ask, our kitchen staff is quite creative.

Where we buy special food for banquet menu

If we have order for special banquet like wedding or anniversary it can be deli menu with caviar, truffles or foie gras and we purchase only high-quality food at one of the best gourmet store